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Scriptures Publications Nursery Manual

Mini-lesson: Welcome to Nursery

Learning Activities


When a child comes to the nursery class for the first time, choose a time when the children are gathered together (such as lesson, snack, or music time), and tell the children the new child's name. Tell the new child how glad you are that he or she is in the nursery class.


Tell the children that you would like to sing a special song. Sing or say the words to the "Hello Song" (Children's Songbook, 260) and ask the children to say "hello" when you point to them during the song. You may want to practice this a few times before you sing.

Hello! (point to children: "Hello!") Hello! (point to children: "Hello!")
We welcome you today. (point to children: "Hello!")
Hello! (point to children: "Hello!") Hello! (point to children: "Hello!")
We're glad you came our way
To share with us our Primary day
And be our friend in a very special way.
Hello! (point to children: "Hello!") Hello! (point to children: "Hello!")
We welcome you today.


Say to the new child, "[Child's name], we are so happy that you are in our nursery class!"

Teaching Tips

A child may approach his or her first time in nursery with eagerness or fear. By showing love and patience, you can do much to make each child's first experience in nursery enjoyable. Children are more comfortable when they know what to expect. As much as possible, try to follow a consistent routine in the nursery. Give new children time to get to know you, the other children, and the environment.

If the child wants to leave and be with his or her parents, let the parents know it is OK. Invite the parents to say positive things about nursery during the week.

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