Lists New Testament


Alert servants
Barren fig tree
Bread of life
Budding fig tree
Children in market
Christian light
Dinner guests
Divided kingdom
Feast invitations
Friend at midnight
Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37)
Good shepherd
Great physician
Grooms attendants
Growing seed
Hidden treasure
Humbled guest
King's war plans
Laborers in vineyard
Lost coin
Lost sheep
Marriage feast
Mustard seed
Net of fish
New cloth
New wine
Pearl of great price
Pharisee and tax collector
Prodigal son
Rich man & Lazarus
Rich fool
Salt without taste
Servant's duty
Sheep and goats
Sign of Jonah
Tares in field (part 1)
Tares in field (part 2)
Ten Minas (pounds)
Ten talents
Ten virgins (Matt 25:1-13)
The Sower
The Sower
Two debtors
Two sons
Unclean spirit
Unjust judge
Unjust steward
Unmerciful servant
Unprepared builder
Vine and branches
Watching servants
Wise builder
Wise servant
Wise steward