Book of Mormon


01 Pahoran the second becomes chief judge and is murdered by Kishkumen-Pacumeni fills the judgment seat-Coriantumr leads 02 Helaman, the son of Helaman, becomes chief judge-Gadianton leads the band of Kishkumen-Helaman's servant slays 03 Many Nephites migrate to the land northward-They build houses of cement and keep many records-Tens of thousands are 04 Nephite dissenters and the Lamanites join forces and take the land of Zarahemla-The Nephites' defeats come because of their 05 Nephi and Lehi devote themselves to preaching-Their names invite them to pattern their lives after their forebears-Christ 06 The righteous Lamanites preach to the wicked Nephites-Both peoples prosper during an era of peace and plenty-Lucifer, the 07 Nephi is rejected in the north and returns to Zarahemla-He prays upon his garden tower and then calls upon the people to repent 08 Corrupt judges seek to incite the people against Nephi-Abraham, Moses, Zenos, Zenock, Ezias, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lehi, and Nephi 09 Messengers find the chief judge dead at the judgment seat-They are imprisoned and later released-By inspiration Nephi identifies 10 The Lord gives Nephi the sealing power-He is empowered to bind and loose on earth and in heaven-He commands the people to 11 Nephi persuades the Lord to replace their war with a famine-Many people perish-They repent, and Nephi importunes 12 Men are unstable and foolish and quick to do evil-The Lord chastens his people-The nothingness of men is compared with the 13 Samuel the Lamanite prophesies the destruction of the Nephites unless they repent-They and their riches are cursed-They reject 14 Samuel predicts light during the night and a new star at Christ's birth-Christ redeems men from temporal and spiritual death-The 15 The Lord chastened the Nephites because he loved them-Converted Lamanites are firm and steadfast in the faith-The 16 The Nephites who believe Samuel are baptized by Nephi-Samuel cannot be slain with the arrows and stones of the unrepentant