Book of Mormon


01 Jacob and Joseph seek to persuade men to believe in Christ and keep his commandments-Nephi dies-Wickedness prevails among 02 Jacob denounces the love of riches, pride, and unchastity-Men may seek riches to help their fellowmen-Jacob condemns the 03 The pure in heart receive the pleasing word of God-Lamanite righteousness exceeds that of the Nephites-Jacob warns against 04 All the prophets worshiped the Father in the name of Christ-Abraham's offering of Isaac was in similitude of God and his 05 Jacob quotes Zenos relative to the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees-They are a likeness of Israel and the Gentiles-The 06 The Lord will recover Israel in the last days-The world will be burned with fire-Men must follow Christ to avoid the lake of fire 07 Sherem denies Christ, contends with Jacob, demands a sign, and is smitten of God-All of the prophets have spoken of Christ and