Doctrine & Covenants

Introduction 01 This section constitutes the Lord's preface to the doctrines, covenants, and commandments given in this dispensation. The voice of warning is to all 02 An extract from the words of the angel Moroni to Joseph Smith the Prophet, while in the house of the Prophet's father at Manchester, New York 03 Harmony, Pennsylvania, July 1828, relating to the loss of 116 pages of manuscript translated from the first part of the Book of Mormon, which was 04 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to his father, Joseph Smith, Sr., at Harmony, Pennsylvania, February 1829 05 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, at Harmony, Pennsylvania, March 1829, at the request of Martin Harris 06 Revelation given to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, at Harmony, Pennsylvania, Apr 1829. Oliver Cowdery began his labors as scribe in the 07 Revelation given to Joseph Smith April 1829. John the Beloved will live until the Lord comes. Peter, James, and John hold gospel keys. 08 Revelation comes by the power of the Holy Ghost. Knowledge of the mysteries of God and the power to translate ancient records come by faith. 09 Oliver is admonished to be patient and is urged to be content to write, for the time being, at the dictation of the translator, rather than to attempt to translate. 10 Herein the Lord informs Joseph of alterations made by wicked men in the 116 manuscript pages from the translation of the book of Lehi. 11 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to his brother Hyrum Smith, at Harmony, Pennsylvania, May 1829. 12 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to Joseph Knight, Sr., at Harmony, Pennsylvania, May 1829. 13 Ordination of Joseph Smith & Oliver Cowdery to the Aaronic Priesthood along the bank of the Susquehanna River, near Harmony, PA, May 1829 14 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to David Whitmer, at Fayette, New York, June 1829. 15 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to John Whitmer, at Fayette, New York, June 1829. The Lord's arm is over all the earth. 16 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to Peter Whitmer, Jr., at Fayette, New York, June 1829. 17 By faith the Three Witnesses will see the plates and other sacred items. Christ bears testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon. 18 Revelation to Joseph Smith the Prophet, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whitmer, given at Fayette, New York, June 1829. 19 Revelation given through Joseph Smith, at Manchester, New York, March 1830. Christ has all power. All men must repent or suffer. 20 Revelation on Church organization and government, given through Joseph Smith. Duties of elders, priests, teachers, & deacons are summarized 21 Joseph Smith is called to be a seer, translator, prophet, apostle, and elder; His word will guide the cause of Zion; The Saints will believe his words as he 22 Baptism is a new and everlasting covenant; Authoritative baptism is required. 23 These early disciples are called to preach, exhort, and strengthen the Church. 24 Joseph Smith is called to translate, preach, and expound scriptures; Oliver Cowdery is called to preach the gospel; The law is revealed relative 25 Emma Smith, an elect lady, is called to aid and comfort her husband; She is also called to write, to expound scriptures, and to select hymns; The song of 26 They are instructed to study the scriptures and to preach; The law of common consent is affirmed. 27 The emblems to be used in partaking of the sacrament are set forth; Christ and his servants from all dispensations are to partake of the 28 Joseph Smith holds the keys of the mysteries, and only he receives revelations for the Church; Oliver Cowdery is to preach to the Lamanites. 29 Christ gathers his elect; His coming ushers in the Millennium; The Twelve will judge all Israel; Signs, plagues, and desolations will precede the 30 David Whitmer is chastened for failure to serve diligently; Peter Whitmer, Jr., is to accompany Oliver Cowdery on a mission to the Lamanites. 31 Thomas B. Marsh is called to preach the gospel and is assured of his family's well-being; He is counseled to be patient, pray always, and follow the 32 Parley P. Pratt and Ziba Peterson are called to preach to the Lamanites and to accompany Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer, Jr.; They are to pray 33 Laborers are called to declare the gospel in the eleventh hour; The Church is established, and the elect are to be gathered; Repent, for the kingdom of 34 The faithful become the sons of God through the Atonement; The preaching of the gospel prepares the way for the Second Coming; Prophecy comes by the 35 How men may become the sons of God; Sidney Rigdon is called to baptize and to confer the Holy Ghost; Signs and miracles are wrought by faith. 36 The Lord lays his hand upon Edward Partridge by the hand of Sidney Rigdon; Every man who receives the gospel and the priesthood is to be called to go 37 The Saints are called to gather at the Ohio. 38 Christ created all things; He is in the midst of his Saints, who will soon see him; All flesh is corrupted before him; He has reserved a land of 39 The Saints have power to become the sons of God; To receive the gospel is to receive Christ; James Covill is commanded to be baptized and labor in the 40 Fear of persecution and cares of the world cause rejection of the gospel. 41 The elders will govern the Church by the spirit of revelation; True disciples will receive and keep the Lord's law; Edward Partridge is named as a bishop 42 The elders are called to preach the gospel, baptize converts, and build up the Church; They must be called and ordained and are to teach the principles 43 Revelations and commandments come only through the one appointed; The Saints are sanctified by acting in all holiness before the Lord; Elders are 44 Elders are to assemble in conference; They are to organize according to the laws of the land and to care for the poor. 45 Christ is our advocate with the Father; The gospel is a messenger to prepare the way before the Lord; Enoch and his brethren were received by the 46 Elders are to conduct meetings as guided by the Holy Spirit; Truth seekers should not be excluded from sacramental services; Ask of God and seek the 47 John Whitmer is designated to keep the history of the Church and to write for the Prophet. 48 The Saints in Ohio are to share their lands with their brethren; The Saints are to purchase lands, build a city, and follow the counsel of their presiding 49 The day and hour of Christ's coming will remain unknown until he comes; Men must repent, believe the gospel, and obey the ordinances to gain salvation. 50 Many false spirits are abroad in the earth; Wo unto the hypocrites and those who are cut off from the Church; Elders are to preach the gospel by the 51 Edward Partridge is appointed to regulate stewardships and properties; The Saints are to deal honestly and receive alike; They are to have a 52 The next conference is designated to be held in Missouri; Appointments of certain elders to travel together are made; The elders are to teach what the 53 Sidney Gilbert's calling and election in the Church is to be ordained an elder; He is also to serve as a bishop's agent. 54 The Saints must keep the gospel covenant to gain mercy; They must be patient in tribulation. 55 W. W. Phelps is called and chosen to be baptized, to be ordained an elder, and to preach the gospel; He is also to write books for children in Church 56 The Saints must take up their cross and follow the Lord to gain salvation; The Lord commands and revokes, and the disobedient are cast off. 57 Independence, Missouri, is the place for the City of Zion and the temple; The Saints are to purchase lands and receive inheritances in that area. 58 Those who endure tribulation will be crowned with glory; The Saints are to prepare for the marriage of the Lamb and the supper of the Lord. 59 The faithful Saints in Zion will be blessed; They are to love and serve the Lord and keep his commandments; By keeping the Lord's day holy, the 60 The elders are to preach the gospel in the congregations of the wicked; They should not idle away their time, nor bury their talents. 61 The Lord has decreed many destructions upon the waters; The waters were cursed by John, and the destroyer rides upon their face; Some have power to 62 Testimonies are recorded in heaven; The elders are to travel and preach according to judgment and as directed by the Spirit. 63 A day of wrath will come upon the wicked; Signs come by faith; The adulterous in heart will deny the faith and be cast into the lake of fire; The faithful 64 The Saints are commanded to forgive one another, lest there remain in them the greater sin; The unrepentant are to be brought before the 65 The keys of the kingdom of God are committed to man on earth, and the gospel cause will triumph; The millennial kingdom of heaven will come and join the 66 The everlasting covenant is the fulness of the gospel; Elders are to preach, testify, and reason with the people; Faithful ministerial service ensures an 67 The Lord hears the prayers of and watches over his elders; He challenges the wisest person to duplicate the least of his revelations; Faithful elders 68 The words of the elders when moved upon by the Holy Ghost are scripture; Elders are to preach and baptize, and signs will follow true believers. 69 John Whitmer is to accompany Oliver Cowdery to Missouri; He is also to preach and to collect, record, and write historical data. 70 Stewards are appointed to publish the revelations; Those who labor in spiritual things are worthy of their hire; The Saints should be equal in 71 Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon are sent forth to proclaim the gospel; Enemies of the Saints will be confounded. 72 Elders are to render an account of their stewardship unto the bishop; The bishop keeps the storehouse and cares for the poor and needy. 73 Elders are to continue to preach; Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon are to continue to translate the Bible until it is finished. 74 Paul counsels the Church of his day not to keep the law of Moses; Little children are holy and are sanctified through the Atonement. 75 Faithful elders who preach the gospel will gain eternal life; Pray to receive the Comforter, who teaches all things; Elders will sit in judgment on 76 A vision given to Joseph Smith & Sidney Rigdon, at Hiram, Ohio, 16 Feb 1832. The glory & reward of exalted beings in the celestial kingdom is described 77 Beasts have spirits and will dwell in eternal felicity on an immortal earth; This earth has a temporal existence of 7,000 years; Various angels 78 The Saints should organize and establish a storehouse; Wise use of their properties will lead to salvation; The Church should be independent of 79 Jared Carter is called to preach the gospel by the Comforter. 80 Stephen Burnett and Eden Smith are called to preach in whatever place they choose. 81 The keys of the kingdom are always held by the First Presidency; If Frederick G. Williams is faithful in his ministry, he will have eternal life. 82 Where much is given, much is required; Darkness reigns in the world; The Lord is bound when we do what he says; Zion must increase in 83 Women and children have claim upon their husbands and fathers for their support; Widows and orphans have claim upon the Church for their 84 The New Jerusalem and the temple will be built in Missouri; The line of priesthood from Moses to Adam is given; The greater priesthood holds the key 85 Inheritances in Zion are to be received through consecration; One mighty and strong will give the Saints their inheritance in Zion. 86 The Lord gives the meaning of the parable of the wheat and tares; He explains priesthood blessings to those who are lawful heirs according to the flesh. 87 War is foretold between the Northern States and the Southern States; Great calamities will fall upon all the inhabitants of the earth. 88 Faithful Saints receive that Comforter, which is the promise of eternal life; All things are controlled and governed by the Light of Christ. 89 Word of Wisdom. Herbs, fruits, flesh, & grain are ordained for the use of man and of animals. The use of wine, strong drinks, tobacco, & hot drinks is 90 The keys of the kingdom are committed to Joseph Smith and through him to the Church; Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams are to 91 The Apocrypha is mostly translated correctly but contains many interpolations by the hands of men that are not true; It benefits those enlightened by the 92 The Lord gives a commandment relative to admission to the united order. 93 All who are faithful will see the Lord; John bore record that the Son of God went from grace to grace until he received a fulness of the glory of the Father. 94 The Lord gives a commandment relative to the erection of a house for the work of the Presidency; A printing house is to be built; Certain inheritances 95 The Saints are chastened for their failure to build the house of the Lord; The Lord desires to use his house to endow his people with power from on 96 The Kirtland Stake of Zion is to be made strong; The bishop is to divide the inheritances for the Saints; John Johnson is to be a member of the united 97 Many of the Saints in Zion (Jackson County, Missouri) are blessed for their faithfulness; Parley P. Pratt is commended for his labors in the school in 98 The afflictions of the Saints will be for their good; The Saints are to befriend the constitutional law of the land; Honest, wise, and good men should be 99 John Murdock is called to proclaim the gospel, and those who receive him receive the Lord and will obtain mercy. 100 Joseph and Sidney to preach the gospel for the salvation of souls; It will be given them in the very hour what they should say; Sidney is to be a 101 The Saints are chastened and afflicted because of their transgressions; The Lord's indignation will fall upon the nations, but his people will be gathered 102 A high council is appointed to settle important difficulties that arise in the Church; Procedures are given for hearing cases. 103 Why the Lord permitted the Saints in Jackson County to be persecuted; The Saints will prevail if they keep the commandments; The redemption of 104 Saints who transgress against the united order will be cursed; The Lord provides for his Saints in his own way; Gospel law governs the care of the poor. 105 Zion will be built up by conformity to celestial law; The redemption of Zion is deferred for a little season; The Lord will fight the battles of Zion. 106 Warren A. Cowdery is called as a local presiding officer; The Second Coming will not overtake the children of light as a thief. 107 There are two priesthoods: the Melchizedek and the Aaronic; Those who hold the Melchizedek Priesthood have power to officiate in all offices in the 108 Lyman Sherman forgiven of his sins; He is to be numbered with the leading elders of the Church; He is called to preach the gospel and strengthen his 109 The Kirtland Temple was built as a place for the Son of Man to visit; It is to be a house of prayer, fasting, faith, learning, glory, and order, and a house 110 The Lord Jehovah appears in glory and accepts the Kirtland Temple as his house; Moses and Elias each appear and commit their keys and 111 The Lord looks to the temporal needs of his servants; He will deal mercifully with Zion and arrange all things for the good of his servants. 112 The Twelve are to send the gospel and raise the warning voice to all nations and people; They are to take up their cross, follow Jesus, and feed his sheep. 113 The Stem of Jesse, the rod coming therefrom, and the root of Jesse are identified; The scattered remnants of Zion have a right to the priesthood and 114 Church positions held by those who are not faithful will be given to others. 115 The Lord names his church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Zion and her stakes are places of defense and refuge for the 116 Revelation given to Joseph Smith the Prophet, near Wight's Ferry, at a place called Spring Hill, Daviess County, Missouri, 19 May 1838. 117 The Lord's servants should not covet temporal things, for "what is property unto the Lord?"; They are to forsake littleness of soul, and their sacrifices 118 The Lord will provide for the families of the Twelve; Vacancies in the Twelve are filled. 119 The Saints are to pay their surplus property and then give, as tithing, one-tenth of their interest annually; Such a course will sanctify the land of 120 Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, at Far West, Missouri, 8 July 1838, making known the disposition of the properties tithed as 121 The Prophet pleads with the Lord for the suffering Saints; The Lord speaks peace to him; Cursed are all those who raise false cries of 122 The ends of the earth will inquire after the name of Joseph Smith; All his perils and travails will give him experience and be for his good. 123 The Saints should collect and publish an account of their sufferings and persecutions; The same spirit that established the false creeds also 124 Joseph Smith is commanded to make a solemn proclamation of the gospel to the president of the United States, the governors, and the rulers of all 125 The Saints are to build cities and to gather to the stakes of Zion. 126 Brigham Young is commended for his labors and is relieved of future travel abroad. 127 Joseph Smith glories in persecution and tribulation; Records must be kept relative to baptisms for the dead. 128 Local and general recorders must certify to the fact of baptisms for the dead; Their records are binding and recorded on earth and in heaven. 129 There are both resurrected and spirit bodies in heaven; Keys are given whereby messengers from beyond the veil may be identified. 130 The Father and the Son may appear personally to men; Angels reside in a celestial sphere; The celestial earth will be a great Urim and Thummim. 131 Celestial marriage is essential to exaltation in the highest heaven; How men are sealed up unto eternal life is explained; All spirit is matter. 132 Exaltation is gained through the new and everlasting covenant; The terms and conditions of that covenant are set forth; Celestial marriage and a 133 The Saints are commanded to prepare for the Second Coming; All men are commanded to flee from Babylon, come to Zion, and prepare for the great day 134 Governments should preserve freedom of conscience and worship; All men should uphold their governments and owe respect and deference to the 135 Martyrdom of Joseph Smith the Prophet and his brother, Hyrum Smith the Patriarch, at Carthage, Illinois, 27 June 1844. 136 The word and will of the Lord, given through President Brigham Young at Winter Quarters, the camp of Israel, Omaha Nation, on the west bank 137 The doctrine of salvation for the dead is revealed. All children are saved in the celestial kingdom. 138 A vision given to President Joseph F. Smith. President Smith sees the righteous dead assembled in paradise and Christ's ministry among them. OD1 Manifesto OD2 Priesthood and temple blessings extended to all worthy male members of the Church. Chronological Order