New Testament The Acts

01 Jesus ministers for forty days after his resurrection-The kingdom is to be restored to Israel at a later time-The Twelve are to bear witness in 02 The Spirit is poured out on the day of Pentecost-Peter testifies of Jesus' resurrection-He tells how to gain salvation and speaks of the gift of 03 Peter and John heal a man lame since birth-Peter preaches repentance-He also speaks of the age of restoration preceding the Second 04 Peter and John are arrested and brought before the council-Peter testifies that salvation comes because of Christ-The Sadducees strive to silence 05 Ananias and Sapphira lie to the Lord and lose their lives-The Apostles continue the miracles of Jesus-Peter and John are arrested, an angel 06 The Apostles choose seven to assist them-Stephen is tried before the council. 07 Stephen recounts the history of Israel and names Moses as a prototype of Christ-He testifies of the apostasy in Israel-He sees Jesus on the right 08 Saul persecutes the Church-Philip's ministry in Samaria is described-Philip performs miracles and baptizes men and women-Peter and John 09 Jesus appears to Saul-Saul is a chosen vessel-Ananias restores Saul's sight-Saul is baptized and begins his ministry-Peter heals Æneas and 10 An angel ministers to Cornelius-Peter, in a vision, is commanded to take the gospel to the Gentiles-The gospel is taught by witnesses-The Holy 11 God grants the gift of repentance to the Gentiles-The disciples are first called Christians at Antioch-The Church is guided by revelation. 12 The martyrdom of James is described-An angel frees Peter from prison-The Lord slays Herod by disease-The Church grows. 13 Saul and Barnabas are called to missionary service-Saul, now called Paul, curses a sorcerer-Christ is a descendant of David-Paul offers the 14 Persecution attends the spread of the gospel-Paul heals a crippled man; Paul and Barnabas are hailed as gods-Paul is stoned and revived 15 Great dissension arises at Antioch concerning circumcision-The Apostles at Jerusalem decide the issue-Paul chooses Silas as his companion. 16 Paul is directed in a vision to preach in Macedonia-He casts an evil spirit out of a woman-He and Silas are imprisoned, and they convert the 17 Paul and Silas preach and are persecuted in Thessalonica and in Berea-Paul, in Athens, preaches from Mars' Hill about the unknown 18 Being rejected by the Jews, Paul turns to the Gentiles-He preaches, ministers, and travels-Apollos also preaches with power. 19 Paul confers the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands-He preaches and works many miracles-The sons of Sceva fail to cast out 20 Paul raises Eutychus from death-Paul is free from the blood of all men-He predicts apostasy from within the Church-He reveals a teaching 21 Paul journeys to Jerusalem-He is persecuted, arrested, and bound. 22 Paul recounts the story of his conversion and also tells of seeing Jesus in a vision-He is accorded some privileges as a Roman citizen. 23 Paul is smitten at Ananias's order-The Lord again appears to Paul-Forty Jews plot his death-He is delivered over to Felix. 24 Paul is accused of sedition-He answers in defense of his life and doctrine-He teaches Felix of righteousness, temperance, and the 25 Paul, before Festus, appeals unto Cæsar-Agrippa desires to hear Paul. 26 Paul recounts his former persecution of the Saints as a Pharisee-He testifies of the appearance of Jesus on the Damascus road-Paul bears his 27 Paul, in a perilous voyage, travels toward Rome-An angel comforts him-He uses the gift of seership-He is shipwrecked. 28 Paul is unharmed by a viper's bite-He heals the sick in Melita-He preaches in Rome, first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles.