New Testament To the Hebrews

01 The Son is in the express image of the person of the Father-Christ is the Only Begotten Son and thus above the angels. 02 Jesus came to suffer death and save men-He came to make reconciliation for the sins of the people. 03 Christ is the Apostle and High Priest of our profession-Jesus, being the Son, is more than a servant-Now is the time and the day of our salvation. 04 The gospel was offered to ancient Israel-Saints enter into the rest of the Lord-Though tempted in all points, Jesus was without sin. 05 Ministers must be called of God as was Aaron-Christ was a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek-Jesus Christ is the Author of eternal 06 Let us go on to perfection-The sons of perdition crucify Christ anew-God swears with an oath that the faithful will be saved. 07 The Melchizedek Priesthood brings exaltation and administers the gospel-It is received with an oath and covenant-The superiority of the 08 Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for sin-God promised to make a new covenant with Israel. 09 The Mosaic ordinances prefigured Christ's ministry-Christ is the Mediator of the new covenant. 10 We are sanctified by the shedding of the blood of Christ-The superiority of his sacrifice is explained-Those who fall from grace through willful 11 By faith we understand the word and work of God-The faith of the ancients was centered in Christ-By faith, men subdued kingdoms 12 Whom the Lord loves he chastens-God is the Father of spirits-To see God, follow peace and holiness-Exalted Saints belong to the Church of the 13 Marriage is honorable-Christ is the same everlastingly-Paul explains how the Saints are to offer acceptable sacrifices.