New Testament John

01 Christ is the Word of God-He created all things and was made flesh-John baptizes Jesus and testifies that he is the Lamb of God-John, Andrew 02 Jesus turns water into wine in Cana-He attends the Passover, cleanses the temple, foretells his death and resurrection, and performs miracles. 03 Jesus tells Nicodemus that men must be born again-God so loved the world that he sent his Only Begotten Son to save men-John the Baptist 04 Jesus teaches a woman of Samaria-All must worship the Father in spirit and truth-Those who harvest souls gain eternal life-Many Samaritans 05 Jesus heals an invalid on the Sabbath-He explains why men must honor the Son-Jesus promises to take the gospel to the dead-Man is 06 Jesus feeds the five thousand-He walks on the sea-He is the living manna sent from God-Salvation is gained by eating living bread-Jesus explains 07 Jesus' kinsmen do not believe-He teaches his Father's doctrine and proclaims his divine sonship-Truth may be known through obedience 08 The woman taken in adultery is brought before Christ-Christ is the Light of the world-He again proclaims that he is the Messiah-The true children 09 Jesus, on the Sabbath, heals a man born blind-The Jews accuse him of Sabbath violation-He lectures them on spiritual blindness. 10 Jesus is the Good Shepherd-He gained power over death from his Father-He promises to visit his other sheep-He proclaims, I am the Son 11 Jesus testifies that he is the Resurrection and the Life-Mary and Martha testify of him-He raises Lazarus from the dead-Caiaphas speaks 12 Mary anoints Jesus' feet-His triumphal entry into Jerusalem is recounted-He foretells his death-To receive Christ is to receive the 13 Jesus washes the feet of the Twelve-He identifies Judas as his betrayer-He commands them to love one another. 14 Jesus speaks of many mansions-He says that he is the way, the truth, and the life and that to see him is to see the Father-He promises the first and 15 Jesus is the vine; his disciples are the branches-He discourses on the perfect law of love-His servants have been chosen and ordained by 16 Jesus discourses on the mission of the Holy Ghost-He tells of his death and resurrection, announces that he is the Son of God, and says that he 17 Jesus offers the great Intercessory Prayer-He is glorified by gaining eternal life-He prays for his Apostles and all the Saints-He explains how 18 Jesus is betrayed and arrested-He is examined and maltreated first before Annas, then before Caiaphas-Peter denies knowing Jesus-Jesus is 19 Jesus is scourged and crucified-He places his mother in John's care-He dies and his side is pierced with a spear-He is buried in the tomb of Joseph 20 Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John find the empty tomb-The risen Christ appears to Mary Magdalene in the garden-He appears to the disciples 21 Jesus appears to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias-He says, Feed my sheep-He foretells Peter's martyrdom and that John will not die.