Old Testament 1 Chronicles

01 The genealogies and family ties from Adam to Abraham are given-The posterity of Abraham is listed. 02 The descendants of Israel, Judah, Jesse, Caleb, and others are listed. 03 David's sons are named-The successors of Solomon to Jeconiah and beyond are listed. 04 The families and descendants of Judah, Simeon, and others are chronicled-Various princes in their families are named. 05 Joseph received Reuben's birthright-Judah became ruler in Israel-The line of Reuben down to the captivity is given-The Assyrians carry the 06 The sons of Levi, including David's singers, are listed-The responsibilities of Aaron and his descendants are given-Levite cities are designated in 07 The sons and families are named for Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, and Asher. 08 The sons and chief men of Benjamin are named. 09 The inhabitants of Jerusalem are listed-The responsibilities of the Levites and the areas where they are to serve are listed-The family of Saul is 10 The Philistines defeat Israel-Saul dies for his transgressions. 11 David is anointed king in Hebron-He takes Zion, the City of David-His valiant warriors are named and their deeds recounted. 12 David's mighty men are cataloged-The armies of the tribes of Israel join David at Hebron-Israel rejoices because of King David. 13 David fetches the ark from Kirjath-jearim-Uzza is slain by the Lord when he steadies the ark-The house of Obed-edom prospers because they care for 14 David marries wives, begets children, and defeats the Philistines; his fame spreads to all nations. 15 David prepares a place for the ark-The Levites bring the ark to Jerusalem-They sing and minister before the Lord. 16 People offer sacrifices and praise the Lord-David delivers a psalm of thanksgiving-He praises the Lord-Asaph, Obed-edom, Zadok, and others 17 Nathan first approves David's building of a house of the Lord, then restrains him-David's son will build the temple-The triumph of Israel is 18 David subdues all the adversaries of Israel and reigns in justice over the people. 19 The Ammonites insult David's messengers and plan war against Israel-David defeats the Ammonites and the Syrians. 20 The Ammonites are overcome-Israel defeats the Philistines. 21 David sins by numbering Israel-The Lord sends pestilence upon the people-David offers sacrifices and the plague is stayed. 22 David prepares gold, silver, brass, iron, stone, and cedar wood for the temple-He charges Solomon to do the work of building it. 23 Solomon is made king-The Levites are numbered and assigned their various religious duties. 24 The sons of Aaron and the rest of the sons of Levi are divided into groups and assigned their duties by lot. 25 The Levite singers and musicians are assigned their duties by lot. 26 The Levites are assigned as porters-They have charge of the treasures, serve as officers and judges, and conduct the outward business pertaining 27 The officers who serve the king are named-The princes of the tribes of Israel are set forth. 28 David assembles the leaders of Israel-Solomon is appointed to build the temple-David exhorts Solomon and the people to keep the commandments 29 All Israel makes a liberal offering for the temple-David blesses and praises the Lord and instructs the people-David dies-Solomon reigns as