Old Testament 1 Kings

01 Abishag cherishes David in his extreme age-Adonijah aspires to be king-Bathsheba and Nathan advise David of Adonijah's plotting-David 02 David charges Solomon to keep the commandments and walk in the ways of the Lord-King David dies and Solomon reigns-Adonijah 03 Solomon loves the Lord and keeps his commandments-The Lord appears to Solomon and promises him a wise and an understanding heart 04 The officers in Solomon's court are listed-Solomon reigns in peace and prosperity over a large kingdom-His wisdom and understanding exceed 05 Solomon solicits and gains Hiram's help in getting timber to build the temple-The Israelites hew stones and cut timber for the temple. 06 Solomon builds the temple-The Lord promises to dwell among the Israelites if they are obedient-The ornaments of the temple are described. 07 Solomon builds himself a house-Hiram of Tyre makes the two pillars, the molten sea, the ten bases, the ten lavers, and all the vessels for the temple 08 The ark, containing the two tablets of stone, is placed in the holy of holies-The glory of the Lord fills the temple-Solomon offers the 09 The Lord again appears to Solomon-The Lord promises great blessings if the Israelites are obedient and great cursings if they forsake him 10 The queen of Sheba visits Solomon-His wealth and wisdom exceed that of all the kings of the earth. 11 Solomon marries non-Israelite women, and his wives turn his heart to the worship of false gods-The Lord stirs up adversaries against him 12 Rehoboam seeks to impose greater burdens upon the people-The ten tribes revolt and turn to Jeroboam-Jeroboam turns to idolatry and 13 Jeroboam is smitten and then healed by a prophet from Judah-The prophet delivers his message, is led astray by a prophet from Bethel, and is slain 14 Ahijah foretells the ruin of Jeroboam's house, the death of his child, and the scattering of the Israelites because of their idolatry-Jeroboam dies 15 Abijam reigns in wickedness and then Asa reigns in righteousness in Judah-Nadab and then Baasha reign in wickedness in Israel-Baasha 16 Jehu prophesies evil upon Baasha and his house-Elah, Zimri, Omri, and Ahab reign in wickedness-Zimri destroys the house of Baasha 17 Elijah seals the heavens and is fed by the ravens-At his command the barrel of flour and the jar of oil of the widow of Zarephath never become 18 Elijah is sent to meet Ahab-Obadiah saves a hundred prophets and meets Elijah-Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal to call down fire from heaven 19 Jezebel seeks the life of Elijah-An angel sends him to Horeb-The Lord speaks to Elijah, not in the wind nor the earthquake nor the fire, but in a still 20 Benhadad of Syria makes war with Israel-The Syrians are defeated twice-Ahab lets Benhadad go free, contrary to the will of the Lord. 21 Ahab desires the vineyard of Naboth-Jezebel arranges for false witnesses, and Naboth is stoned for blasphemy-Elijah prophesies that Ahab 22 Jehoshaphat of Judah and Ahab of Israel join forces against Syria-Ahab's prophets foretell success-Micaiah foretells the defeat and death of