Old Testament 2 Kings

01 Ahaziah turns to Baalzebub to learn if he will live-Elijah prophesies his death-Elijah calls down fire from heaven to consume the soldiers sent to 02 Elisha and the prophets know that Elijah is to be translated-Elijah divides the waters of the Jordan and is taken up into heaven in a whirlwind-The mantle 03 Jehoram of Israel and Jehoshaphat of Judah join forces against Moab-Elisha promises them water for their animals and victory in the war 04 Elisha multiplies the widow's oil-He promises a son to a Shunammite woman-The child dies and is raised to life by Elisha-He makes the 05 Naaman, the Syrian, comes to Elisha to be healed of leprosy-He rejects the prophet's instruction at first but relents and dips himself in the Jordan seven 06 Elisha causes an ax to float-He reveals to the king how to conduct a war with Syria-Horses and chariots of fire protect Elisha-The Syrians are 07 Elisha prophesies incredible plenty in Samaria-The Syrian hosts flee at a noise of battle and leave their possessions-Israel takes spoil from 08 Elisha prophesies a seven-year famine-The Shunammite woman is preserved through the famine-Jehoram and then Ahaziah reign in 09 A prophet anoints Jehu king over Israel and prophesies the destruction of the house of Ahab and the death of Jezebel-Jehu kills Joram in the field of 10 Ahab's seventy sons are slain-Jehu destroys the house of Ahab and all the worshipers of Baal, but he continues to worship the golden calves in Bethel and 11 Athaliah destroys the royal family in Judah and reigns herself in Judah-Joash is preserved and crowned king when seven years old 12 Jehoash (Joash) reigns in righteousness-The breaches in the temple are repaired-The safety of Jerusalem is purchased with the hallowed things 13 Jehoahaz and his successors reign in wickedness in Israel-Elisha prophesies that Joash will defeat Syria-Elisha dies-A dead Israelite is 14 Amaziah reigns well in Judah-Israel defeats Judah in battle-Jeroboam reigns in wickedness in Israel. 15 Many kings reign in Israel and in Judah-Their wickedness, wars, conspiracies, and evils are described-Much of Israel is carried captive to 16 Ahaz reigns in wickedness in Judah-He offers his son in heathen sacrifice-He makes a new altar, destroys the brazen sea, and changes the 17 Hoshea reigns in Israel and is subject to the Assyrians-The Israelites forsake the Lord, worship idols, serve Baal, and reject all that the Lord has 18 Hezekiah reigns in righteousness in Judah-He destroys idolatry and breaks the brazen serpent made by Moses because the children of Israel 19 Hezekiah seeks counsel from Isaiah to save Jerusalem-Isaiah prophesies the defeat of the Assyrians and the death of Sennacherib-Hezekiah 20 Hezekiah is told he will die and pleads with the Lord; his life is lengthened fifteen years-The shadow goes back ten degrees on the sundial of Ahaz 21 Manasseh turns Judah to idolatry, even sacrificing a son to a heathen god-Prophets foretell the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem 22 Josiah reigns in righteousness in Judah-Hilkiah repairs the temple and finds the book of the law-Josiah sorrows because of the wickedness of his 23 Josiah reads the book of the covenant to the people-They covenant to keep the commandments-Josiah overturns the worship of false gods 24 Jerusalem is besieged and taken by Nebuchadnezzar-Many of the people of Judah are carried captive into Babylon-Zedekiah becomes king 25 Nebuchadnezzar again besieges Jerusalem-Zedekiah is captured, Jerusalem and the temple are destroyed, and most of the people of Judah