Old Testament Deuteronomy

01 Moses begins the recitation of all that befell Israel during forty years in the wilderness-The children of Israel are commanded to go into and 02 The children of Israel press forward to their promised land-They pass through the lands of Esau and of Ammon in peace but destroy the Amorites. 03 The children of Israel destroy the people of Bashan-Their lands, on the east of the Jordan, are given to Reuben and Gad-Moses sees Canaan from 04 Moses exhorts the children of Israel to keep the commandments, to teach them to their children, and to be exemplary before all nations-They are 05 Moses tells of the covenant God made with Israel in Horeb-He reviews the Ten Commandments-Sabbath observance also commemorates the 06 Moses proclaims, The Lord our God is one Lord, and, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God-The children of Israel are commanded to teach their children 07 Israel is to destroy the seven nations of Canaan-Marriages with them are forbidden lest apostasy result-Israel has a mission as a holy and chosen 08 The Lord tested the children of Israel in the wilderness for forty years-Eating manna taught them that man lives by the word of God-Their 09 Other nations are driven out of Canaan because of their wickedness-Moses rehearses the rebellions of Israel and tells how he mediated 10 The tables of stone containing the Ten Commandments are placed in the ark-All that God requires is that Israel love and serve him-How great 11 Thou shalt love and obey the Lord thy God-If the children of Israel obey, they will be blessed with rain and harvests and will drive out mighty nations 12 Israel is to destroy the Canaanite gods and places of worship-The Lord will designate where his people will worship-The eating of blood is forbidden 13 The Lord tests his people to see if they will worship false gods-Prophets, dreamers, relatives, or friends who advocate worship of false gods will be 14 The Israelites are children of the Lord Jehovah-Unclean beasts, fish, and fowl are not to be eaten-The Israelites are to tithe all the increase of their 15 Every seven years, all debts are to be released-The people are admonished to care for the poor-Hebrew servants are to be released and 16 Israel is to keep the Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks, and the Feast of Tabernacles-All males are to appear annually 17 Those who worship false gods will be put to death-Priests and judges are to determine the hard cases-Kings are not to acquire horses, wives, or gold 18 How priests are supported-Divination, spiritualism, and the like are abominations-A Prophet (Christ) will arise like unto Moses. 19 Cities of refuge are appointed for cases of manslaughter-Murderers will be put to death-Two or three witnesses are required in court cases-False 20 Laws are revealed for selecting soldiers and making war-Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites will be utterly 21 How emends are made for murders by unknown persons-Equity is required in dealing with wives and children under plural marriage 22 Moses sets forth laws pertaining to lost property, wearing of proper clothes, caring for interests of others, marrying virgins, and sexual immorality. 23 Moses specifies those who may and may not enter the congregation-He sets forth laws concerning sanitation, servants, usury, and vows. 24 Laws are given concerning divorce, newly married persons, making merchandise of men, taking pledges, leprosy, oppression of servants, and 25 Judges prescribe punishment for the wicked-The marriage law provides for a brother's widow-Just weights and measures are required-Israel is 26 The children of Israel are to offer to the Lord a basket of the firstfruits of Canaan-They are commanded to keep the law of tithing-They covenant 27 The children of Israel are to cross the Jordan, build an altar, and worship the Lord-They are the Lord's people but will be cursed if they do not obey 28 If the children of Israel are obedient, they will be blessed temporally and spiritually-If they are disobedient, they will be cursed, smitten, and 29 The children of Israel make a covenant with the Lord under which they will be blessed if they are obedient, and cursed if they are disobedient 30 The scattered Israelites will be gathered from all nations when they remember the covenant-Moses places life or death, blessing or cursing 31 Moses counsels Joshua and all Israel to be strong and of good courage-The law is to be read to all Israel every seven years 32 Israel will sing the song of Moses and acclaim: God speaks to heaven and earth; the children of Israel were known in the premortal life; God chose 33 Moses blesses the tribes of Israel-Levi is blessed to teach the Lord's judgments and his law-Joseph is blessed above all; he will gather Israel in 34 Moses sees the promised land and is taken by the Lord-Joshua leads Israel-Moses was Israel's greatest prophet.