Old Testament Jeremiah

01 Jeremiah was foreordained to be a prophet unto the nations-He is called as a mortal to declare the word of the Lord. 02 The people of Judah forsook the Lord, the fountain of living waters-They worshiped idols and rejected the prophets. 03 Israel and Judah defiled and polluted the land through wickedness-In the last days, the Lord will gather the people of Israel, one from a city and two 04 Israel and Judah are called to repentance-Jeremiah laments for the miseries of Judah. 05 Judgments will be poured out upon the people of Judah because of their sins-Their iniquities cause blessings to be withheld from them. 06 Jerusalem will be destroyed because of her iniquity-She will be overrun by a great and cruel nation. 07 If the people of Judah repent, they will be preserved-The temple has become a den of robbers-The Lord rejects that generation of the 08 Calamities will befall the inhabitants of Jerusalem-For them the harvest is past, the summer is ended, and they are not saved. 09 Jeremiah sorrows greatly because of the sins of the people-They will be scattered among the nations and punished. 10 Learn not the way of other nations-Their gods are idols and molten images-The Lord is the true and living God. 11 The people of Judah are cursed for breaking the covenant of obedience-The Lord will not hear their prayers. 12 Jeremiah complains of the prosperity of the wicked-If other nations learn the ways of Israel, they will be numbered with Israel. 13 Israel and Judah will be as a rotted and decayed belt-The people are commanded to repent-Judah will be taken captive and scattered as stubble. 14 Jeremiah prays because of dearth and famine-The Lord will not hear because of the wickedness of his people. 15 The people of Judah will suffer death, the sword, famine, and captivity-They will be scattered into all the kingdoms of the earth 16 The utter ruin of Judah is foreseen-Israel is rejected and scattered for serving false gods-Fishers and hunters will gather Israel again, and the 17 The captivity of Judah comes because of sin and forsaking the Lord-Hallow the Sabbath day; doing so will save the people; otherwise 18 Israel is as potter's clay in the hands of the Lord-If nations repent, the Lord withholds the evil decreed against them-The people of Judah will be 19 The Lord will bring evil upon Judah-They sacrifice their children to Baal-In the siege they will eat the flesh of their sons and daughters. 20 Jeremiah is smitten and put in the stocks-He prophesies that all Judah will be taken captive by Babylon. 21 Jeremiah foretells the siege, captivity, and destruction of Jerusalem-Zedekiah is to be taken captive by Nebuchadrezzar. 22 David's throne stands or falls according to the obedience of the kings-The judgments of the Lord rest upon the kings of Judah. 23 The remnants of Israel will be gathered in the last days-The Branch, who is the King (the Messiah), will reign in righteousness-False prophets who 24 Zedekiah and the people of Judah will be cursed and scattered-Some will be gathered back from Chaldea to serve the Lord. 25 Captive Judah will serve Babylon for seventy years-Various nations will be overthrown-In the last days, all the inhabitants of the earth will be at war. 26 Jeremiah prophesies the destruction of the people-For this he is arraigned, tried, and then acquitted. 27 The Lord sends word to many nations that they are to serve Babylon-The vessels of the Lord's house will go into Babylon. 28 Hananiah prophesies falsely that the Babylonian yoke will be broken. 29 Jeremiah tells the Jews in Babylon to prepare for seventy years of captivity-Those remaining in Jerusalem will yet be scattered-Shemaiah 30 In the last days, Judah and Israel will be gathered to their own lands-David, their king (Christ), will reign over them. 31 In the last days, Israel will be gathered-Ephraim has the birthright as the firstborn-The Lord will make a new covenant with Israel, to be inscribed 32 Jeremiah is imprisoned by Zedekiah-The prophet purchases land to symbolize the return of Israel to their land-The Lord will gather Israel 33 Judah and Israel will be gathered-The Branch of Righteousness (Christ) is promised-The Seed of David (Christ) will reign forever. 34 Jeremiah prophesies the captivity of Zedekiah-The people of Judah will be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth. 35 The Rechabites are commended and blessed for their obedience-They are given a new commandment. 36 Baruch writes the prophecies of Jeremiah and reads them in the house of the Lord-Jehoiakim, the king, burns the book, and judgment comes upon him 37 Jeremiah prophesies that Egypt will not save Judah from Babylon-He is cast into a dungeon-Zedekiah transfers him to the court of the prison. 38 The rulers cast Jeremiah into a muddy dungeon-He is freed by Ebed-melech, an Ethiopian, and put in the court of the prison-He counsels 39 Jerusalem is taken, and the people are taken captive-Jeremiah and Ebed-melech, the Ethiopian, are preserved. 40 The king of Babylon makes Gedaliah governor over the remnant left in Judah-Jeremiah is freed and dwells among them. 41 Ishmael kills Gedaliah and carries the people of Mizpah captive-They are rescued by Johanan. 42 Jeremiah promises Johanan and the remnant of Judah peace and safety if they remain in Judah, but the sword, famine, and pestilence if they go to Egypt. 43 Johanan carries Jeremiah and the remnant of Judah into Egypt-Jeremiah prophesies that Babylon will conquer Egypt. 44 Jeremiah prophesies that the Jews in Egypt, save a small remnant, will be destroyed because they worship false gods. 45 Jeremiah promises Baruch that his life will be preserved. 46 Jeremiah prophesies the conquest of Egypt by Babylon-Jacob will be saved and will return to his own land. 47 Jeremiah foretells desolation and destruction upon the Philistines. 48 Judgment and destruction will come upon the Moabites for their contempt of God. 49 Judgment and destruction will come upon the people of Ammon, Edom, Kedar, Hazor, and Elam. 50 Babylon will be destroyed and never rise again-The scattered people of Israel will be brought again into the lands of their inheritance. 51 Judgment, destruction, and desolation will come upon Babylon for her sins-Israel is commanded, Flee from Babylon-Israel is the Lord's rod to 52 Jerusalem is besieged and taken by the Chaldeans-Many people and the vessels of the house of the Lord are carried into Babylon.