Old Testament Nehemiah

01 Nehemiah mourns, fasts, and prays for the Jews in Jerusalem. 02 Artaxerxes sends Nehemiah to Jerusalem-Sanballat and others oppose Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls and gates of Jerusalem. 03 The names and order of those who help to build the walls and gates of Jerusalem are listed. 04 The Jews' enemies seek to prevent them from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem-Nehemiah arms the laborers and keeps the work progressing. 05 Many Jews are in bondage to their fellow Jews-At Nehemiah's direction they are freed, their lands are restored, and the taking of usury is discontinued. 06 Sanballat engages in intrigue against Nehemiah and the building of the wall-The Jews finish the construction of the wall. 07 Provision is made to protect Jerusalem-The genealogy is given of the Jews who returned from Babylon-Priests without genealogical records 08 Ezra reads and interprets the law of Moses to the people-They keep the Feast of Tabernacles. 09 The Jews fast and confess their sins-The Levites bless and praise the Lord and recite his goodness toward Israel. 10 The people covenant to marry in Israel, to honor the Sabbath, to pay tithes, and to keep the commandments. 11 The people and their overseers are elected by lot to dwell in Jerusalem and the other cities. 12 The priests and Levites who came up from Babylon are named-The walls of Jerusalem are dedicated-The offices of priests and Levites are 13 The Ammonites and Moabites are denied a place in the congregation of God-Tobiah is ejected from his dwelling place in the temple-Nehemiah